Show Mom Some Love in Langdale

Qualico Communities was on a mission to share a little Mother’s Day love in Langdale. Residents were invited to nominate a mom or motherly figure to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers. When Mother’s Day came around, we were very excited to deliver flowers to three very special ladies. And based on these pics, we think they were definitely feeling the love!

Lucky mom #1 was nominated by her daughter who said “My mother is a nurse who works hard with Covid-19 patients at the hospital. She is also very loving, patient, and caring about her three kids and husband, our father. She teaches us, keeps us active, and brings joy to us.”

Lucky mom #2 was nominated by her daughters who said “We are nominating her because she does so much for us all the time and we would love to surprise her with this as a token of our appreciation and love for our mother.”⁣⁣
Lucky mom #3 was nominated by her daughter who said “I would like to give my mom this bouquet to show my gratitude. As a single mother, she has raised three children. Immigrating from China in 2004, she had to start over and since then, she has worked herself up to support her family.”⁣⁣
Recipients were randomly chosen.