2019 Christmas Decoration Trends

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How to keep your holiday season looking on point

Warm your heart and light up your Instagram feed this holiday season. We’ve compiled a list of the biggest Christmas décor trends for the 2019 season. From the tree to the table, and all the opportunities in between, you can make your hearth and home a warm and inviting backdrop for family feasts and perfectly posed selfies.



Keep it natural

There’s a big push this year for natural elements to break into your holiday décor. From using rustic wood branches to incorporating aromatic sprigs of eucalyptus, spruce, and pine, don’t be afraid to invite nature inside.

Consider this while decorating your tree as well. Instead of focusing on tinsel and shiny beads, try to incorporate natural elements like wooden candle holders (use fake candles of course!), pine cones, and heavily textured fabrics like burlap.

The nature theme is an overarching one for 2019 and you’ll see elements of it pop up in many of the other trends we discuss. Overall, it’s a shift toward a warmer and cozier aesthetic that invites a range of textures into the home

Warm metals

Instead of shiny golds and silvers, look for less polished metals to round out your décor. Rust coloured decorations—ones that borrow more from the reds, browns, and oranges that are not typically associated with the Christmas season—are making their way into several holiday motifs.

Look for textures in your metals, too. From hammered tin to brushed golds, use your metallic elements as a way to bring more warmth into your home.

This treatment of metal will make your décor feel more natural and understated, while still providing a focal point that will shine and reflect light in interesting ways.



Blue Christmas

It’s not just for Elvis this year. Deep blues have made their way into 2019’s Christmas palette in a big way. Dark and rich, these hues provide a bold backdrop for the natural greens and textured metals that you’ll be incorporating into your décor.

Think of ways to add a backdrop of blue through your textiles, like adding a soft blue blanket or cozy blue pillows to your living room.

You can also incorporate blue as an accent colour by using midnight blue bows or ribbons on your tree or cerulean candles on a white mantle next to some antique silver vases.

Take inspiration from the deep blues of the midnight sky to help you bring this colour to life in your home.

Warm Golden Light

The introduction and quick adoption of LED lighting has given the Christmas decorator more and more opportunities to fill their home with light. This year that trend continues, but instead of the bright, cold, white light that offers the characteristic sparkle of the season, softer golden light is being used.

Soft yellow light in oversized bulbs, reminiscent of the exposed incandescent lighting that’s been making its way to patios and weddings across the nation, is now a welcome addition to your holiday décor.

It’s the perfect way to bring some added interest to your worn metals and some warmth to you deep blue blankets. Plus, the beautiful golden light can constantly remind you of those Christmas morning sunrises, gathered around the tree and creating unforgettable memories with the people you love the most.



Antique and Opulent Baubles

Step back from uniformity by adding a range of mismatched decorations to your Christmas décor.

Antique baubles and ornaments can provide endless interest throughout your home, and especially on your tree. Over time, the pieces will have developed charming inconsistencies which will play well with the natural textures and patterns that are also popular this year.

As a purposeful departure from your otherwise nature aesthetic, a measure of opulence, through the form of fancy vintage decorations, can add an interesting counterpoint to your design.

Happy holidays!

We hope you all have an incredible holiday season this year, and, with these trends in mind, an explosive Instagram feed.